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Satin Matt

Satin matt are unique tiles that maintain a low profile and do not have the reflective attribute. Our high-quality Satin Matt tiles are perfect for high traffic areas, and it requires little maintenance compared to the glossy tiles.

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Satin Matt is a sub part production of how the polished tiles are manufactured by adding few polished particles which makes it soft smooth and reflects in low luster surface. Satin Matt are a mid-way tile between Gloss & Matt Finish tiles. Stylish and modern feel is the most popular creation that happens with Satin Matt. Generally, Satin finish is easy to clean and maintain because of its smooth texture and feel, these flooring tiles add value to any space and complete the look by making it perfect.

Satin as the name suggests is often silky and smooth in surface. The finish for Satin surface is so durable that it can be the ideal choice for high traffic areas. Satin tiles offer versatile designs and styles that are more traditional and rustic by offering a wide variety of designs and textures. The cost of Satin Finish tiles varies on various factors such as size, material and manufacturer by making it more affordable textured tiles.

It surfaces are popular for coatings on walls, furniture. They offer a modern look that gives a reflection by upgrading the stylish look to the offered space. Proper installation of satin tiles is required for better long-lasting feel and performance. It will require an appropriate adhesive for aligning the tiles. Satin tiles are the best-balanced combination for durability, stability and elegance of designs whether it is used for residential or commercial purposes.


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