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Carving Matt

Carving tiles are a traditional flooring solution but we have added a pinch of modern design. These tiles fit in the house for the minimalist ambiance and have the modern look at the same time. The tiles will react sparingly in the natural sunlight and maintain a traditional feel at the same time.

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Carving matt allows you to programme complex designs with the best accuracy. This helps you intricate the patterns and design and focus its consistency. Carving matt comes in a variety of patterns that are ideal for residential or commercial purposes as intricate geometrical designs which are a perfect choice for bathrooms, retail stores, hotels etc.

It offers a unique vein to your decor space that gives it an aesthetic look. They are available in a variety of colors and can be used for residential or commercial spaces. The specialty of this carving tiles is that it gives your home a soothing feel.

Carving Matt refers to ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been designed as textured to create different patterns or designs on its surface. When it comes to matt, it often refers to non- reflective finish that usually doesn’t add a glossy sign to it but offers an option that is not a reflection of light but is excellent for hiding imperfections if found.

It can be applied to ceramic tiles to create textured surfaces for architectural or decorative purposes. The matt finish adds visual interest to the tiles and can be particularly effective for accentuating relief patterns or designs.

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