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High Gloss

Vitric Gloss and High Gloss are an excellent combination for the house owners to use in the balcony, sanitary rooms, and restrooms. We produce high-quality Vitric Gloss tiles that will leave an impression on the guests.

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High Gloss refers to a very shiny and reflective finish commonly seen on ceramic surfaces. This finish is achieved by applying a glossy glaze to the ceramic object before firing. High gloss as the name refers to are tiles that have a shiny, reflective finish which offers a modern look with different interior design styles. These tiles are generally used to brighten up the spaces, say Kitchen, Bathrooms that reflect light and make it more open, reflective and spacious. They also offer a variety of sizes, colors and best available designs.

High Gloss ceramic tiles are widely used in residential and commercial spaces for flooring, walls, and backsplashes. The reflective surface of these tiles adds depth and brightness to rooms, making them appear larger and more inviting.

Polishing is a common method to get the gloss finish on tiles, this process involves rubbing the surface tile. Glossy tiles are the best options for your spaces and areas that require natural lights. The shiny texture lightens up the room and makes it shine brighter for the entire day. The surface for glossy tiles is a little slippery when compared to matt finish. They are easy to clean, just wiping a cloth will work for such tiles.

Costing for High Gloss tiles varies as the price point depends on various factors such as size, material used and manufacturer, high gloss is costly than matt as it requires additional process to add extra shine to the tiles.

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