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Spanito Glaze was established in 2002 and has served thousands of customers and clients over the years. We have improved over the years by following the latest developments in the industry and feedback. We bring 20+ years of experience and innovation to lighten up your space.

Our team focuses on manufacturing various grades of Frits, and they go through several quality checkups before making it to the cart. Quality is an important aspect for us, and that is why you won’t find flaws in our product. The high-quality base material will produce top-notch tiles that will shine throughout the house.

We respect our client’s time and expectations because that’s where our success relies. We go back to the roots and stick to ethics and honor your requirements. We have a qualified team led by experienced professionals. Our company has warehouse and machinery to fulfill given order without the time. We do not spike the prices out of blue and offer an affordable solution when compared to the competitors.

Furthermore, we have lab engineers, who are designated to conduct quality check-ups and monitor the changes in the frits. Our lab team runs several reports and analyses for quality assurance. Our qualified engineers ensure that you are buying high-grade ceramic raw materials.

Modern Machinery

Our manufacturing equipment is up-to-date and can honor any requirement.

High-quality Frits & Glazes

We do not compromise on the quality, which is why our ceramics are durable and stylish.

Various Grades of Frits & Glaze Compound

Fritz is the essential material to make ceramics, so why compromise on the options.

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