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Anti Skid Glaze

Anti-skid, or anti-slippery tiles are slip-resistant tiles made thoughtfully that increases the friction of the flooring tiles and enhances grip that prevents you from getting slipped. Wet areas for flooring such as bathrooms, need to be chosen up thoughtfully, in order to avoid the slip and falls that might happen because of water. Flooring tile with textual variation should facilitate better floor grip in order to avoid slippery surfaces.

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Anti-skid tiles have the capacity to absorb moisture and this is one such reason that it makes it slip-resistant by making it more durable, scratch free and feasible for both residential and commercial spaces. Anti-skid tiles are an ideal choice if you have children’s or senior citizens at home.

Anti-skid tiles are easy to maintain and always require low maintenance, they will always be fixed where the water flow area is high and all you need to do for cleaning is just wipe it off with a mop.

Design options with these tiles are also available followed by various designs and styles. Certifications for anti-skid tiles are a must to meet the safety standards that are effectives in slippery tiles. We recommend you to check the regulation and codes when it comes to anti-skid tiles.

Costing for anti-skid tiles may vary basis, size, material and brand but they might be slightly costly than other textured tiles available in the market. Anti-skid tiles are a good safety measure that provides safety measures from slip and falls by adding a traction grip to tiles making it a safer option in both residential and commercial spaces.

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