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Salt and Pepper

Small details matter in the flooring, and you can make good use of Salt & Pepper Tiles. The small dots don’t connect each other and that’s the beauty of it, and it will pique the guest’s attention. You can add multiple decorative items in the room and create a unique scenario with our high-quality Salt & Pepper tiles.

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Salt and Pepper is a flooring type that resembles the appearance of salt and pepper sprinkled on it. The tiles in your decor space offering matte texture give the elegant look to your place.

It has a concrete surface that exposes a textured and organic surface. They look like they have a stone like appearance in some areas, salt in texture is naturally slip resistant and this is an ideal choice for swimming areas.

Salt and Pepper come with a low maintenance that needs to be cleaned regularly to manage its appearance, finishing and other sealing aspects. If we look at the price perspective, it is highly durable and cost effective. When it comes to installing Salt and Pepper, these tiles are less expensive when compared to other surface finishes installation.

Salt & Pepper tiles are durable and resistant to scars and scratches and absorb moisture. This tile is the best option for Kitchens, Bathrooms and other living spaces. Salt & Pepper are easy to maintain and can relatively be cleaned by normal wiping out the mop.

Available in various designs and patterns, also with different shapes and colors so that it offers multiple designs to be chosen from, also has the best finishes available such as glossy or matt with the best design possibilities.


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