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Rustic Matt

Rustic tiles do not require lots of maintenance and fit right in the household. The rust color is suitable for a traditional look and spreads ambiance in the surroundings. We have combined the Rustic and R-11 Matt for the outcome.

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Rustic matt tiles are an old style, traditional design of tiles that has natural finish of wood. This particular flooring tile has irregular edges, a variety of textures and imperfections that leads to charm.

Glossy or matt appearance finishes characterized by rustic or natural texture are referred to by applying finish or surface treatment to various materials of ceramics and tiles. Rustic matt comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns, they are very comfortable as well as cozy when used for residential or commercial spaces.

In the context of ceramics, a rustic matt finish often involves applying a glaze or surface treatment that creates a subdued, earthy appearance. This finish may have variations in color and texture. It is often used to evoke a sense of authenticity, simplicity, and natural beauty.

Rustic matt finishes can vary in appearance depending on the specific materials and techniques used. Rustic matt finish offers a traditional look that has quality to hide dirt well. It is slip resistant and this can be easily cleaned. They appear to be matt where they are less prone to scratching. This is an ideal choice for bathroom floor tiles or drawing rooms for your space.

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